Just Desserts

When birds got the better of my 2016 Marquette crop, I turned my frustration into a learning opportunity.  With fewer than 5 gallons of must fermenting from my meager crop, I had a few days to make a critical choice: dry or sweet? Having never made a Port-style wine, I decided to stretch my limited … More Just Desserts

Sideways in the Desert

There is a restaurant in the wine film Sideways, called the Hitching Post II, where Paul Giamatti’s character embraces both the laid-back vibe and the sophistication of a staff who know the intricacies of the best local producers. On a recent trip to Sedona, we found the Arizona desert’s version of that restaurant, and discovered … More Sideways in the Desert

Family planning

At the end of winter, when the vines have been dormant for several months, it’s time for some family planning.  For my grape vines, that means being trimmed back to about 40 buds per vine. The vines are trained to the top wire of a 3-wire trellis in a method called Top Wire Cordon.  The … More Family planning